Monday, January 25, 2016

Conservation Currency Exchange

Conservation Currency Exchange

Many of us who travel internationally return with small amounts of foreign currency.  Some of this we simply use for our next trip.  But sometimes we return with cash from countries we are unlikely to visit again.  If you are like me, you have an envelope stuffed with cash from countries you are unlikely to revisit.

Put that cash to use for conservation in those countries.

Here is how it works:

1)   Send your unwanted foreign currency to: Green Capacity, Inc., 340 Love Hollow Rd., New Florence, PA  15944  USA
2)   Include your return address and the names of two countries/currencies (not USD) for which you would like to have cash that would support conservation or conservation-related research in that country.   
3)   If you do not wish to be considered for a return but would like your cash to support conservation, just send the foreign currency.
4)   GC will hold on to cash received and keep track of donors.
5)   Once a year, for currencies that have accumulated >$50 USD value, we will send the cash to a contributor chosen randomly from those wanting that currency.
6)   GC will retain a small percentage to cover postage and handling expenses.

It costs little to join: just unwanted foreign currency and the cost of postage.   [Paper money only].

If you share and promote the idea with your colleagues and friends who travel, the larger the awards will be.

This is a way to crowd source unwanted cash to assist conservation.    Green Capacity is a conservation non-profit, but donations in foreign currency will not be tax-deductible.   If you want to receive a year-end summary of the project include your email address or a self-addressed stamped envelope with your donation. 

This is not a scam.  I, Andrew L. Mack, am doing this to benefit colleagues in conservation (  (

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