Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Another moron comes to Papua New Guinea

Another moron comes to Papua New Guinea

WATCH: Ross Kemp In Dramatic Showdown With Guerrilla Soldiers In Papua New Guinea (VIDEO)

There is a brand of entertainment that comes out in travel books and television shows where some idiot goes somewhere they shouldn't go, or goes somewhere completely unprepared, then has an "adventure" they write about or sell on TV.  For some reason New Guinea seems to attract more than its share of such morons.  IT looks like some TV show called "Extreme World" has found PNG. 

The short article about this video (now removed from Youtube) describes how the "hardman" faced down three "guerillas in the jungle near Hagan (sic)."  OK, they are not "guerillas," there isn't any "jungle" near Mt. Hagen (please note spelling).  The photo in the article looks like grasslands and gardens typical around a highlands village.  The hero was on a mission to interview "The General, who rules the surrounding slums with the help of a violent gang of robbers."  So which is it, slums or jungle?

OK these guys do not understand what raskols are, they probably did zero homework  before going there except maybe to organize a sham encounter.  The film crew was surprised by "soldiers with rifles and shotguns."  Really, soldiers? 

The photo shows the tough hero grasping the barrel of  what might be a homemade shotgun in the hands of a hooded "soldier" who does not look too concerned.  Four bystanders are watching calmly from behind, one is holding a bushknife at his side.

Tough guy was having none of it and shouts at the soldier "No one's gonna f****g kill me!"  Now if this were the real thing, at this point the rascal with the bushknife would probably have chopped the guy.  But they look like they are more interested in hamming for the camera.

I'm sorry, but it is just annoying and insulting for some "tough guy" bozo to show up with a film crew and try to get into a dangerous scene.  If it is not just staged, then it is doubly stupid.  What if these raskols really had fired?  Would the mobile squad then come and burn their village?  Attacking a "tv star" would not go over well.  Of course it would be wrong to attack him, but if you provoke a raskol with a shotgun....  do you throw snowballs at a polar bear?  If tough guy really did what the article claims, these guys might be seriously humiliated.  What do you think will happen to the next tourist that walks along that path?

I don't know why PNG gives visas to a television show intent on fabricating a dangerous scene, that wants to exploit the crime problem for ratings back in the UK, and to make PNG look bad on the international stage.  They appear to be portraying this guy as tough and going into dangerous places.  Do they not realize millions of people live in PNG all their lives in those conditions?  He is thus no tougher than the ordinary citizen of PNG, and arguably much less so.  I bet he only stayed a week or two at most before jetting home.  Wouldn't it be that everyone who stays longer than a couple weeks is tougher than him???  Normally I would not bother to comment about such junk entertainment, but if it is not all staged, the bozo put a lot of people other than himself at risk.   That's not tough, it is just stupid.

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